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North Dallas Drywall Repair Contractors

North Dallas Handyman provides high quality workmanship from the initial stage to the final step. We also pay attention to the clients fully. Our first priority is to deliver superior quality, dependability and we pay attention to detail. Our success is the result of hard work, safety and honesty. Our customer service department is dedicated to serving you. At North Dallas Handyman you can have confidence knowing your project will be completed on schedule and we promise to deliver exceptional results. Contact us for a free estimate by calling

Why Choose North Dallas Handyman For Your Drywall Repair?

We guarantee you on schedule completion of the work; our services are offered at cost-effective prices and exceptional results from your investment. Our experts also uphold honesty. Integrity and value when serving the customers. Our repairs will blend in with no sign of repair, we also customize textures so that they are matched as close as possible, all walkways ways will be covered to keep floors clean and the work areas will be covered and masked during repair work. Contact North Dallas handyman for all of your drywall repair needs.

Drywall repair

Drywall patching; it is one of the most common household repair. Most of the tools needed for this work are not that common but at North Dallas Handyman we have them and our repair experts will use them to repair your drywall. When a hole is bigger than the width of the dry tape, it is the best to fill in the drywall with a patch, various ways can be used depending on the size. Dents and dings that are found on the walls when the wall is being painted require spackling which is an easy quick step and only takes a few minutes, however stepping through the ceiling from the attic will be a much bigger job and more tools are needed to patch and repair the drywall. These tools are available at North Dallas Handyman and the materials also at reasonable pricing. The only disadvantage of drywall patching is that it takes a little practice to finish the drywall properly.

Nail popping repair; it depends on the cause of the nail pop, if the pop is convex and on the ceiling near a wall and the nail head is visible, the nail should be pulled out using a pliers and spackle the hole over, do not try to hammer the nail back as it will reappear and also in doing so you are not providing a firm attachment point for the drywall. At North Dallas Handyman we recommend that the nails be installed within 16 inches of a wall to prevent these types of nail pops from happening. If the nail pop is more than 2 feet away from the wall and looks like a dimple, you should stand on a ladder step or stool and push up on the drywall. If the dimple moves then the dry wall has pulled away and the nails has remained intact and the determine which direction of the ceiling the joints runs and then use a drywall screw placed in line with the joist to draw the drywall back in place.